Where Angels Walk

For many adults, a Los Angeles vacation is very appealing. Sophisticated arts and architecture, diverse shopping and dining, a wide range of entertainment and numerous outdoor activities all make Los Angeles difficult to pass by. But as grown-up as Los Angeles can be, children also find it irresistible. From a pint-size perspective, hardly any vacation spot could be more enchanting. In a nutshell, its wide appeal to people of all ages makes Los Angeles the perfect place for a family vacation.

Take the almost-magnetic Hollywood Walk of Fame as an example. There’s something about seeing the embedded stars of so many top-shelf entertainers that’s magical and quite nostalgic. But to children it’s a fascinating novelty, even if they haven’t ever heard of the entertainers. It’s a similar story with Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, which attracts adults primarily because of its strong identification with the entertainment industry and its stars. Handprints, footprints and the autographs of celebrities are embedded in the cement of its forecourt, and it’s a place where adults take another trip down the road called nostalgia. But for kids, the Chinese Theatre is a place of wonder – the building is brightly colored and oddly shaped. And hey, those handprints in the cement are just too cool!

Los Angeles is a larger-than-life kind of place. It’s even more so for children, with many of its attractions seemingly being designed just for kids. That’s deceptive, however, because almost all those same places are equally entertaining for adults.

Theme Parks

With Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags California, Disney’s California Adventure and the two-ton gorilla that’s Disneyland, Los Angeles has more than its share of theme parks. And best of all, there’s something for all members of the family in every one of them.

Universal Studios Hollywood, located in Universal City, converts the art and science of filmmaking into fun family entertainment. The park’s high-tech amusement rides relate to well-known movies and television shows, but the rides aren’t the big draw here. The main attraction is the studio tour and it’s always a hit with everyone. Exciting shows and behind-the-scenes presentations are a close second, and they entertain and educate at the same time. Your children will be fascinated and they probably won’t notice that they’re learning about the entertainment industry. But if they do happen to notice, they won’t mind.

The country’s oldest theme park, Anaheim’s Knott’s Berry Farm, relates to the Old West. Its six themed areas are Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, Wild Water Wilderness, Indian Trails, The Boardwalk and Camp Snoopy. Like Universal it offers high caliber rides and live shows.

Located in Valencia, Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor are two adjacent theme parks operated by Six Flags California. With 17 world-class roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a daredevil’s dream. Teenagers and young adults love the thrills, but small children enjoy the park’s animal shows, parades and Bugs Bunny World playground. At Hurricane Harbor, water sports, not roller coasters, are king. The park offers water slides, rafting, swimming and areas with tropical themes. Many of its areas are specifically designed for small children.

Disney’s California Adventure, in Anaheim across from Disneyland, packs samplings of some of California’s major attractions into one convenient place. The magic of Gold Rush country, the Santa Monica Pier and the golden era of Hollywood can be experienced here through thrill rides, exhibits and other entertainment. 757 angel number

Disneyland, the crown jewel of the Los Angeles area theme parks, is one of Southern California’s most popular vacation destinations. Disneyland’s very name, along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, are sheer magic to children. The park’s eight themed areas feature more than 60 major rides, but Disneyland offers plentiful shops, restaurants, exhibits and demonstrations to entertain those who’d rather stay on the ground. An icon recognized throughout the world, Disneyland is one place in Los Angeles that should not be missed.

Museums For All Ages

Your children might be bored if you visit some of the fine art museums in Los Angeles. But you might have a hard time dragging them away from the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum, the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum. These all seem to fascinate children, but they can be immensely interesting to adults as well.

One of the world’s richest sites for Ice Age fossils, the scene at the La Brea Tar Pits is right out of a bad movie: hot tar bubbling up from the earth in the middle of the city. Almost 400 species of animals, many of which are now extinct, are entombed in the goo, and the Page Museum displays the best finds. Moving from the ancient to high-tech, the interactive California Science Center playfully and painlessly educates children about science through a series of entertaining exhibits and IMAX movies. The Natural History Museum features “fighting dinosaur” skeletons, an insect zoo and a shop that sells almost irresistible items. It’s the largest natural history museum in the western United States and it offers a huge number of exhibits.

This is just a taste of what’s in Los Angeles for kids, but it should be enough to get you started. Don’t worry about what will keep your children happy and busy while you’re there — Los Angeles will be one of their favorite vacations too.