Las Vegas Vacation Home Rental – A Great Alternative To A Dreary Hotel Room

Las Vegas Up High: High Rise Condo Rentals

Hotels can get pretty mundane, particularly if you travel quite a bit. When you go to Las Vegas, whether it is for work or play, hotel rooms are a dime a dozen, but so impersonal. Many smart travelers today are opting to find a Las Vegas vacation home rental rather than a standard hotel room.

Typically there are more features to a rental home, the rates are less expensive when you rent for a week or more, they have separate bedrooms and can sleep anywhere from two to twenty people. You don’t have to sacrifice location for luxury either. While there are many affordable rentals outside the city, you can also find them right in the heart of the strip. 성남룸싸롱

High-rise condominiums are prime real estate in Las Vegas, and for good reason. It is arguably the most traveled destination in the country and possibly the world. The majority of people who actually own property in Las Vegas or a high rise condo don’t actually live there. These are usually owned by the wealthy elite to use as their private vacation getaway whenever they come into Vegas to spend a weekend or so.

Others are purchased by management companies to rent out by the night or the weekend. They are a little different from hotels in that you will need to make arrangements in advance. There is no front desk and you can’t just show up hoping for a room.

Best Way to Find Out Availability of Las Vegas Condos

The best way to find out the availability of Las Vegas condos is to seek out management companies that specialize in vacation rentals and/or Vegas. They will be able to match your budget and amenity requirements to a number of units to choose from. As far as rates go, the possibilities are limitless. Some rentals are very inexpensive but have very few features, while others are the very definition of luxury, which you will pay dearly for.

A modest high rise condo overlooking the Las Vegas Strip may rent for anywhere from $199 to $500 per night. Some are small studio rooms that sleep two comfortably (with plenty of room on the floor!) while others have a living room and one or two bedrooms and can sleep up to six people. This price range includes limited features and the condos are usually similar to a hotel room. There may be a partial kitchen or none at all, and the studio condos have a small half wall separating the sitting room and the bedroom.