iPhone 12 Mini Review – Does This Phone Have What You Need?


You’ll probably agree, the iPhone 12 Mini is the must have smartphone for everyone this year. We’ve come out with a review detailing exactly what you should expect from this phone. Read on to find out how this phone can change your mobile lifestyle…

For people looking for a phone which is affordable, has a beautiful design, and most importantly has all the right features – the iPhone 12 Mini could be just the phone for you. The iPhone 12 Mini is a sleek and slim handset which looks more like an ios phone than a typical android smartphone. You may apply the rule that thin phones with great looks are always the winners. That is true with the iPhone 12 Mini.

One great feature of this device is its small size. This is in stark contrast to other smaller Android handsets like the HTC Evo Shift or the Motorola Nitro HD. You can easily squeeze this smartphone into your pocket or purse and it fits perfectly in your hand. No wonder it’s one of the most popular phones being sold this year. If you think about it, would you rather have a bulky phone which looks great but is so heavy that you need a separate case to put it on? Definitely not! iphone 12 mini

This sleek and slim handset has a very large display for its size, but even with a large screen, you’ll be impressed at the excellent iPhone 12 mini’s battery life. The iPhone 12 mini has a large 1 mega-pin battery which gives you up to two days of battery life when you’re browsing the web and playing your favorite apps. The battery life will drop to just a few hours of real life time if you do not use the battery wisely. Even though this is a standard size for the iPhone, you’ll appreciate that it goes very smoothly into your pocket or purse making it incredibly convenient to carry.

One of the biggest complaints about iPhones is that they are heavy and could cause neck strain when holding them for long periods at a time. The iPhone 12 mini has a thinner design than the iPhone 6 yet it still includes a large LCD screen. This is in stark contrast to the iPhone 6 Plus which has little bezel but includes high-end technology in the form of quad core A8 processor and 2 gigs of RAM. In fact, the iPhone 12 mini has a bit of everything that you will want in an smartphone including high definition cameras, large LCD displays, fast internet access, infrared sensors, a proximity sensor, a voice dialer and much more. All of this can come at a significantly reduced price when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus.

If you are looking for a small phone with all of the functionality that you expect from one, the iPhone 12 mini makes a great choice. It’s not as robust as the iPhone 6 yet it offers all of the functionality of a large phone without adding too many bulky features. You also get to enjoy all of the unique design features that Apple has integrated into their smaller device such as the larger display and larger fonts. With a price that’s only a little higher than the iPhone 6, it’s easy to see why so many people would choose this phone over another on offer from the iPhone manufacturers.