How to Date Women – Eight Dating Secrets For Men

If you are new to dating, read this, if you have more experience with dating and women, read this too. It will change you.

Apply these dating rules if you want success and stability with women; neglect them if you want headaches and loneliness.

There are very few things which really make a difference in meeting and dating women, here are eight rules which are going to make all the difference to you.


  • Rule number one: you are your first priority


There is no other explanation for this one; you are your most important asset.

No woman is allowed to put you down or devaluate you, no woman is allowed to waste your energy, money and time.

Don’t accept any second class behavior from women.

Put yourself first, women will follow.


  • Rule number two: respect women


Just because I’ve said before that you shouldn’t accept any second class behavior from women that you should turn into a mean person.

I’ve seen this mistake happen over and over. A guy will think that to attract women, he must become a man and to become one, he must transform into this ungrateful, impolite, rude, bossy and ignorant with women.

Do this and you will be alone.

Be a man and trait women respectfully.


  • Rule number three: have a real life, one that you are proud of


This is the most important aspect of your life to attract quality women.

What are women looking for in a guy?

Sense of humor, stability, social skills…

You are going to get all this when you get your life together.

Get a job you are passionate about.

Find true friends that love you and care for you.

Be great to yourself, and love yourself more than anything else.

Find hobbies you are passionate about.

Teach kids and give of your time and self.

By having the life you want, women will be naturally attracted to you.


  • Rule number four: don’t get too serious


Simply, don’t get fixated on only one girl. xxx

Accept women as they are, don’t look for ways to change them, instead change yourself.

If you got rejected by a woman, it’s fine, it has happened and it will happen again.

Don’t get too serious, nor get too impatient.


  • Rule number five: there are plenty of fish in the sea


No woman on earth should make your life hell in order for her to accept you.

If you see any unnecessary rudeness or lack of respect, call on her and discuss it with her.

If this doesn’t get you anywhere, end the whole thing with her.

There are more women to date out there, don’t get stuck with a mediocre one.

You are on a journey to finding the right one, be prepared to meet a lot of unworthy ones on the road.